About Gallagher London

Gallagher London is a luxury, design led, residential property developer operating in prime central London.  Gallagher London operates under the umbrella of our parent company, Gallagher UK, which is one of the largest strategic land companies promoting and developing residential and mixed use schemes throughout the UK.

Over the past eight years, Gallagher London has become synonymous with high quality, well engineered and exclusive developments. We are a small and highly knowledgeable team with an abundance of know-how, passion and industry connections - all of which enable us to find “best in class” properties which, for one reason or another, are not fulfilling their excellent potential. Every property purchased by Gallagher London has set a new record for price achieved in £ per square foot in that particular road or building.

We recognise that every project is unique in its history, location and  profile of  potential purchaser and adopt a fresh and innovative approach to ensure that we do better with each new development and remain true to the innate character of every property. Our aim is to produce the finest homes and interiors which outlive passing fashions and retain a timeless elegance - we achieve this through meticulous attention to detail and only working with the finest craftsmen and professionals.